Adult Spine Trauma

Western Health Orthoaedic Registrar presentation - Spinal Cord Injuries By Dr Jack Pang

Clinical Assessment

    • History
    • Examination
    • Investigations
  • Emergency department management

Cervical spine trauma | fractures

    • Classification of cervical spine fractures
    • Injuries to the upper cervical spine (occiput to C2)
      • Dislocations of the atlantooccipital joint
      • Atlas fractures
      • Rupture of the transverse ligament
      • Rotary subluxation of C1 on C2
      • Occipital condyle fractures
      • Dens fracture
      • Internal fixation of the upper cervical spine
      • Traumatic spondylolisthesis of the axis (hangman's fractures)
    • Injuries to the lower cervical spine (C3-7)
      • Posterior ligamentous injury
      • Unilateral facet dislocation
      • Fractures of the vertebral body
      • Posterior and anterior cervical fusion with rigid internal fixation
    • Instability
    • Treatment

Thoracic and lumbosacral trauma | fractures

    • Classification of thoracolumbar fractures
    • Treatment

Sacral fractures and lumbosacral dislocation

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