FRACS Orthopaedic Exams


A forty-year-old, right-hand dominant man presented to the emergency department immediately following a work-related injury. The patient had pain in the right wrist and he lacked forearm rotation. In an attempt to catch a bag of cement that was thrown down from a truck, he struck the dorsum of the right wrist, which was supporting the 50-lb bag, against the right knee.

On physical examination, the patient was only able to rotate the forearm between 30° and 80° with the right wrist held in a position of supination.
With the patient under conscious sedation, a closed reduction was attempted in the emergency department, without success.
The patient had no elbow or forearm pain. The skin and the neurovascular function, specifically including ulnar nerve function, were intact. Initial radiographs were made.


1. What is this man’s diagnosis?
2. How will you treat this injury?
3. What rehabilitation protocol will you give him?



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