FRACS Orthopaedic Exams


A twenty-two-year-old man was injured in a motorcycle accident. He could not provide details of the accident because he was unconscious for a few minutes immediately after it occurred. In the emergency room, the patient was alert and oriented. He had a blood pressure of 140/70 mm Hg and a pulse of ninety-two beats per minute. Examination revealed extensive lacerations to the throat, chin, mouth, and lips. The patient reported pain and tenderness in the neck, and the left forearm was swollen. There were no evident chest or abdominal injuries. Neurologic examination demonstrated no apparent deficit of the spinal cord or cranial nerves.

Because the patient had been unconscious at the scene of the accident, initial computed tomography scans of the head and cervical spine were performed

1. What does this image show?
2. How will you manage this patient?


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