FRACS Orthopaedic Exams


A fifty-five-year-old woman presented to our center with a mass in the left thigh that she had discovered several weeks earlier. The patient had experienced no trauma to the area, and she had no pain associated with the mass.
An atypical lipoma had been excised from the left side of the pelvis fifteen years earlier. There were two recurrences of this lesion, nine and seven years prior to the current presentation, for which the histologic diagnosis had been high-grade dedifferentiated liposarcoma.

At the time of the current presentation, physical examination revealed a new nontender mass, palpable on the lateral aspect of the left thigh. The mass was not associated with any warmth, erythema, or skin changes.
Magnetic resonance images were acquired.


1. What is her diagnosis?
2. How will you treat this woman?


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