Bone School

Presentation Schedule


17th February Paediatrics - Metabolic
16th March Spine - Lumbar Spine
30th March Knee - Soft tissue
13th April Hand - Inflammatory arthritis, Dupuytren's
27th April Shoulder and Elbow - Elbow conditions, including Trauma
11th May Arthroplasty - Revision TKA / Revision THA
18th May Trauma - Mutliply injured, Pelvic Fractures
1st June Foot and Ankle
22nd June Spine - Basic Science
29th June Tumour - Non Malignant and Infection
13th July Sports Medicine
27th July Medico Legal
17th August Paeds - DDH, Infection, Amputations, Shoulder Trauma
14th September Hand - Tendon and nerve injuries, CTS
28th September Trauma
19th October Foot and Ankle
23rd November Orth0paedic Imaging


29th April Arthroplasty - Biomaterial / Infection / Unusual Hip
6th May Trauma - Nonunion / Infection / Ankle, distal tbia
3rd June Tumor - Metastatic / Patholgical Fractures / Adjuvent Treatment
1st July Professionalism in Orthopaedic Surgery
15th July Paediatrics - CTEV, Neuromuscular, Spine
29th July Spine - Cervical / Thoracic
19th August Hand - Scaphoid, OA wrist and Hand
16th September Knee - MCL, LCL, PCL, dislocation, trauma
30th September Foot and Ankle - Inflammatory arthritis, tib post dysfunction
21st October Tumor - Soft Toissue tumors, Pagets, Osteoporosis/malacia
4th November Basic Science - Inflammatory arthritis
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