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2012 Victorian AOA ASM Lorne

24 -26 February 2012

Session 1 - Registrars Free Papers
Sina Babazedeh The Long Leg Radiograph is a Reliable Method of Assessing Alignment when Compared to Computer-Assisted Navigation and Computer Tomography
Sam Bewsher Accuracy of computer navigated percutaneous iliosacral and anterior column screw Placement; a series of 100 consecutive patients 
Pamela Boekel Draping the foot in total knee replacement surgery: a possible pathway of microbial spread 
Glenn Boyce Functional impairment with restricted range of motion at the knee bilaterally and influence of hip and upper limb restriction  
Yasith Edirisinghe Poor Prognosis of Transverse Subtrochanteric Femur Fractures as a Result of Prolonged Bisphosphonate Therapy: Case Controlled Study with 6 Month Follow Up 
Osama Elsewaisy Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: Ten year experience and survival analysis
Jennifer Flynn Body Mass Index and Acetabular Component Position in Total Hip Arthroplasty 
Glenn Gomez Gait kinematics and radiographic deformity following Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis
Chatar Goyal Is the Pre-Operative MAPT score a predictor of outcome in Total Knee Arthroplasty 
(not recorded)
Troy Keith Radiological assessment of proximal femoral geometry following capital realignment surgery for  moderate to severe Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis  (SUFE) utilising Klein’s line offset and Notzli alpha angle 
Session 2 - Registrars Free Papers
Troy Keith Non operative Management of Cranio-cervical dissociation in a paediatric population 
Emily Kong Outcome of Bracing in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Retrospective Study 
Amy Nall Clinical And Radiological Outcomes Of 51 Tibial Plateau Fractures 
Shuh Tan Patient Blood Management in elective orthopaedic surgery   
Rebecca Tang A comparison of measurement of ankle range of motion amongst health professionals 
(not recorded)
Ken Ye Chondrogenesis of Adipose Stem Cells Derived from Infrapatellar Fat Pad
(not recorded)
Session 3 - Hip (Convenor – David Mitchell)
Dennis Kerr
Local Infiltration Anaesthetic
(Not recorded)
John O'Donnell Anterior hip approach
(Not recorded)
Andrew Shimmin Choosing a bearing surface in hip arthroplasty
(Not recorded)
Laurie Kohan Complications of hip resurfacing
Mike Pritchard Success & failure of hip arthroscopy - evolving indications for surgery
John Owen Operating Helmets, friend or foe?
Session 4 - Foot and Ankle (Convenor – Andrei Corniou)
Alison Taylor
Lower limb Charcot management
Geoff Tymms Syndesmosis Injuries – To screw or not to screw
Mark Blackney Mini Open Ankle Arthrodesis
Terence Chin Validated Plantar Fasciitis management
Eldridge Batuyong Multimedia in Clinical Practice
Session 5 - Upper Limb (Convenor - John Salmon)
Frank Lyons Management of irreparable cuff tears
(Not recorded)
Richard Dallalana Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair - pros and cons
Richard Page Reverse shoulder replacement - reasons for caution
Chris Pullen Current concepts in management of grade 3 AC dislocation
Tim Wood Tennis elbow - have we seen the end of cortisone and surgery
(Not recorded)
Jason Harvey Ulnar sided wrist pain
Steve Tham Types of Wrist Fusions
John Salmon Difficult instability and Latarget procedure
Session 6 - Spine (Convenor - Gerald Quan)
Sue Liew
Spine & trauma – easy as falling off a ladder?
Lu Ton Spine and Hip OA: What to do first and why?
Peter Wilde Spine and Sport: Can I play, doctor?
Augusto Gonzalvo Spine and Training: The great Ortho-Neuro divide and how do we overcome it?
Session 7 - Knee (Convenor - Cameron Norsworthy)
Jon Bare
Update in medial and lateral unicompartmental knee replacement
James Stoney The Local Anaesthetic Revolution in TKR
Robert Steele Patient specific blocks for TKR - now for the results
Tim Whitehead Current concepts in ACL reconstruction
Hayden Morris Surgical Management of Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis
Laurie Kohan Thromboprophylaxis, a triumph of marketing over common sense
John Owen Skype trial exam
Rodney Dalziel Unexplained pain post knee surgery

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